About Sean

Sean Song received his B.A. in journalism from Communication University of China (CUC, formerly Beijing Broadcasting Institute) in 1997. While he was in college, he taught Chinese to students from Japan, Korea, and the United States. He also translated many documentaries from English to Chinese for the National Geographic Channel.

In 2001, he began to pursue his M.S. in Communication and Globalization at the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE). While he was in London, he worked part time at BBC World Service‚Äôs English department. He helped to produce an English teaching program called “London Diary,” which was used by many students in China.

After he graduated from LSE in 2002, he went for his M.A. in Global Communication at Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California (USC.) While he was at USC, he entered into the field of movie subtitle translation.

Throughout these years, he has translated many movies from English to Chinese and vice versa. After he graduated from USC, he also wrote for various Chinese magazines and newspapers in the United States (City Magazine, Singtao Daily, World Journal) and China (People’s Daily, Global News).

Sean’s language talent and his broad knowledge on Chinese media market will help you to get what you want.

Random Testimonial

  • ~ Pamela Havens Holcomb Project Manager Visual Data Media ervices(5/2003-1/2009)

    Pamela Havens Holcomb Project Manager Visual Data Media ervices(5/2003-1/2009)"Sean is a very good English<>Chinese translator who replies quickly to urgent requests for original translations and for editing existing translations. He delivers on time and keeps the clients satisfied. Pamela Havens Holcomb Project Manager Visual Data Media Services(5/2003-1/2009)"

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