About Us


My name is Sean Song and I am the founder of Translation Boulevard.   I graduated from Communication University of China with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, London School of Economics with a MSc in Globalization and Communication, and University of Southern California with a MA in Global Communication.  I am also a member of the American Translators Association.  At Translation Boulevard we are committed to working with honesty and integrity in every aspect of our business. Our goal is for each customer to be fully satisfied with the final product.

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Our Team

We have a translation team that is able to handle various subject matter and is capable of handling larger volumes of work.  This team has many translators who are native Chinese speakers (EN>ZN) and native English speakers (ZN>EN). Our Chinese translators are proficient in all major Chinese dialects.

  • Simplified Chinese (China)
  • Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
  • Cantonese (Hong Kong)
  • Other dialects as well (contact us for more details)


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